We work with you to devise strategies that are in tune with your organisational aims, and achieve outcomes that can be clearly identified.


Following discussion of your strategic aims, we design bespoke workshops, during which your people can increase their awareness of themselves and relevant others, including colleagues, clients/customers and other stakeholders. The workshops offer an opportunity to develop and practice new skills, and also create support networks. Pre and post-workshop activities are included. This process enables real change to be embedded within the organisation. 


We also offer team and individual coaching, the form and style of which is tailored towards the needs of the participants and organisational aims.

Non-managerial Consultative/Clinical Supervision

For staff in roles where dealing with trauma or highly-charged emotional situations is a regular part of their day-to-day work. Supervision offers a space to reflect, identify and address unresolved issues and contributes to resilience.


Sometimes, the challenges we encounter in our everyday work experience re-call difficult situations from the past. Therapeutic work can bring insight and resolution to past issues, and resources to move us forward.


A pool of qualified and experienced associates is available to resource programmes as appropriate.

Learn more about Gerrie's framework for supporting high performing resilient organisations in her latest published work. Whilst written for counsellors and psychotherapists, the frameworks offers useful tools for any organisation wishing to develop people related skills. 

Above all, it’s a practical manual on how to stay compassionate and robust n our dealings with others and ourselves.
— Jane Cooper