Gerrie Hughes is a writer, an accredited organisational practitioner, psychotherapist and supervisor, and a trainer and coach with more than 25 years experience. Whilst successfully running her own business, she has facilitated teams and individuals in the NHS, higher education and voluntary organisations. Gerrie has been a tutor at Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling and has been involved with trainings at universities and colleges throughout South Wales and the South West of England.

Gerrie is an insightful facilitator who seeks to create an environment of trust, enabling people and teams to step into new possibilities. ‘I have discovered how to listen for when the world talks back to me, learning about the power of the dynamics present in a situation and how to notice them and take them into account, so bringing a deeper knowledge into the moment.’

Piergiulio Poli is a Gestalt Counsellor and Sociologist who works in Turin and Lake Garda. His main interest is supporting people and organisations in using all the power of the group. He runs a programme for people who want to change their professional lives and a number of courses for people who are looking for a job. He carried out empowerment work in Ireland and in many EU countries.

Stewart Greenwell's background, until May 2013, was mainly in local authority social services, finishing up as Strategic Director, People with Newport City Council and that included the role of Director of social services, as well of responsibility for education. He has always been keen to listen to what it feels like to be on the receiving end of social services and has learned a lot, from understanding what gets in the way of people taking control of their own lives. Since 2013, he has worked in a variety of roles trying to bring social services and the NHS closer together, since that offers greater likelihood of not giving people the 'runaround'. He trained as a coach in 2015 and enjoys using that model of working in almost all of his current work, since, at its heart, it helps people to make choices that improve their personal and professional lives.