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Wellbeing at Work

Sustainable & human centred change, enabling people to take accountability & authority, align to organisational goals & empower shared leadership.




Coaching for Complex Situations


Discover a 'field-relational' approach to individual and team coaching that supports ingenious solutions where there are complex issues.





Human beings at work face many challenges in the digital age. Would you like to future-proof your organisation to take advantage of opportunities?     




What we offer:
We specialise in approaches to team and individual coaching that take into account the complexity of situations facing people and businesses today. Rather than just goal setting and problem solving, we take a 'whole-field' approach that allows novel resolutions to be achieved. 
Business consulting - facilitating you to develop an organisation- wide strategy to align with your goals in a way that is in tune with the style of your organisation, and that is easily-embedded and sustainable.
Bespoke workshops, retreats and away days for your teams.
Non-managerial Supervision/Counselling - team and individual approaches to suit your organisational needs.