Future-proof your Organisation

The digital age is creating challenges that organisations have never met before, including the pace of constant change and innovation, and the availability of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

As groups and individuals, we are adapting to our experience all the time. Frequently, the choices we make are out-of-awareness and we may find ourselves feeling trapped in situations where we do not want to be.

Gerrie is identifying key areas which need to be taken into consideration for a new book on people at work int he digital age. These include:

  • Changing values systems arising from new approaches in politics and economics
  • Agile, fluid and grounded ways of responding to constant change
  • Vanishing boundaries between work and life
  • Gaining the high-level personal skills essential for success
  • Truly understanding what human intelligence looks like while integrating Artificial Intelligence
  • Curating 'information' so that it becomes useful and meaningful, yet not selected merely to bolster assumptions or preconceived ideas. How do we decide what's true for us? How do we create cohesive understanding from our perception of the world?
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