Wellbeing Services    

Coaching, Supervision, Counselling.  




A powerful approach for releasing the potential of people and moving towards organisational goals.





Non-managerial Supervision


Ongoing support for individuals and teams to create resilience and sustain effective professional relationships.





Human beings at work face many challenges. Sometimes further specialist support is needed to restore wellbeing and effectiveness.    




Organisations are complex, dynamic environments in which all the various parts have an impact on the whole. Bringing in support in a considered and strategic way can have wider benefits, just as a lintel over a door can keep a whole building sound because, while it seems flimsy in itself, it is effective because of being in the right place.

We offer specialist support at a cost of between £100 and £200 per hour.


Services offered:


An opportunity to review and re-evaluate in order to move forward with direction and purpose that is grounded in the complex reality of the situation.

Release creativity and possibilities for growth and change by recognising and removing unnecessary blocks.

For executive and other leaders, and those in key situations or dealing with specific issues.

Framework: Six to ten sessions at agreed intervals.


Non-managerial Supervision

For those in emotionally challenging roles and where effective professional relationships are paramount.

For social workers, support practitioners, teachers, medics etc.

Framework: Ongoing meetings, usually at monthly intervals.



We all have limitations and sometimes too many personal and professional challenges, either all at once, or over a sustained period can use up our store of resilience.

Recover from stress and acquire strategies for sustaining resilience.

For those who may be at the edge of feeling overwhelmed, or who may already be taking absence from work.

Framework: Six weekly sessions.